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Privy Oasis, LLC

Privy Oasis, LLC

We offer psychiatric mental healthcare for the child, adolescent, adult and geriatic populations providing individual therapy, and medication treatment.

Privy Elite Mental Treats

Privy Elite Mental Treats

Mental Health Meets Beauty! Take advantage of these personalized packages combining our elite wellness spa services with your mental health visits.

Privy Elite Mental Retreats

Privy Elite Mental Retreats

Enjoy our variety of wellness treatments and package options for any occasion including facials, private massages, meditation, wellness advisory, anti aging diets, B12 injections, functional nutrition, HCG diet, Belviq and bioidentical hormone replacement.

Elite Features

We Offer Elite Mental Treat Services.

Privy Elite Mental Treats has combined the best of two worlds! Take advantage of our 5-star spa services with your personalized mental health visits…your mental treat! Our team of qualified professionals are the best in the industry and offer premium wellness spa services. Give your mind and body a mini-vacation with these premium options.

Elite Experience

We Offer Personalized Mental Health.

Welcome to Privy Elite! Located in Tarrant County, we offer psychiatric mental healthcare for the child, adolescent, adult and geriatic populations. We provide a coordination of services that include evaluation, individual therapy, medication treatment including prescription management. Our regiments are supported with the integration of evidence-based tools to guide clinical decision making.

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Privy Oasis, LLC, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are committed to offering a quality selection of mental health as well as elite wellness spa services.

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