Dead Voices Can’t Be Heard – K104 Radio

Dead Voices Can’t Be Heard – K104 Radio

Dr. Cash recently visited K104 in Dallas to talk about suicide awareness!

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Dead voices can’t be heard. Dead voices can’t be heard. Suicide comes in to steal, kill and destroy. It steals your memories. It kills your loved ones. It destroys your futures. Forever leaving an impact. Many suffer in silence with hopelessness, helplessness, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of despair etc., wondering what to do; where to go; searching for answers. They no longer associate love with happiness but love with emptiness, darkness and isolation; creating walls that box them into their own feelings, thoughts, emotions. You do not have to suffer alone. There is help.

If you know someone who may be suffering from depression of thoughts of not wanting to live, please have them to call the Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255; sharing this just might save someone’s life or they can reach out to us at Privy Oasis LLC, 817-488-7771;

We are here. We are listening. We are Present. We care. Which side of suicide will you be on? The side where voices can be heard or the side that’s 6ft deep?

Dead Voices Can’t Be Heard.

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