At Privy Oasis, LLC we provide medication management for treating ALL ages (5- >65), irrespective of gender, for mental disorders of childhood, adult, and geriatric. We offer a holistic approach to care where medication is a last resort in our practice. We know that the decision to pursue mental health treatment can be intimidating and anxiety provoking. Thus, we hear you, we are here, we care and we are here to walk with you on this journey. We welcome you as a participate in your treatment and partner with you in your care. 

Please note: Controlled substances can be effective in the treatment of illness, pain, and disease and must, therefore, be accessible to persons who medically need them. These same drugs, however, have the capacity to cause addiction, injury, impairment, and death when abused, misused or diverted to illegal use.

Thus, we DO NOT prescribe controlled medications to include: Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Restoril, Valium or any other medications in this class) or Stimulants (Adderall, Concerta, Daytrana, Ritalin, Focalin, Vyvanse or any other medications in this class) or Sedative/Hypnotics (Ambien, Sonata, and Lunesta)



Areas of Selective Focus for Medication Management include but are not limited to:

ADHD (Adult and Child) to include impaired concentrationPsychotherapy and medication management services to include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy Area of Selective Focus: Sex and addiction therapy
Conduct Disorders to include: Oppositional Defiance, lack of motivation and inappropriate use of technology and social media/sextingCouples, family, marital and individual counseling to include: relational issues Area of Selective focus: Grief and bereavement psychotherapy
Anxiety Disorders to include: compulsive self mutilation, cutting, nail bitting, hair pulling, and skin pickingGenetic swabbing (pharmacogenomic testing) for ADHD, Anti-depressants, Anti-psychotics, genetic mutation and folic acid.
Depression Disorders to include: crisis intervention and suicide preventionTele-Medicine Services for follow-up care
Bipolar and Related Disorders to include: reckless behavior, mood instability and impulsivityLife Skills Training
Neurodevelopmental Disorders to include: Autism Spectrum DisordersSocial Skills Training
Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic DisordersBehavioral Modification for disciplinary issues
Screening for Depression during and after pregnancySituational stressors to include: workplace, environmental and school related issues
Screening for Depression during and after chemotheraphy to include sexual dysfunctionStrategies to help your child/Teen: Collaborating in your child's ongoing care.
Screening for Depression in the after effects of childhood molestationSchool related occurrences
to include: bullying, cyber-bullying, peer pressure and drug use.
Screening for Depression in physical abuseHospice Care to include: End of life transition with palliative treatment